Apollo FE SAE 5W/20 -205L

Full Synthetic Fuel Economy Engine Oil

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Apollo FE SAE 5W/20   -205L Full Synthetic Fuel Economy Engine Oil
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Ubekreftet 04.10.2023

Apollo FE is a full synthetic engine oil for gasoline, LPG and light diesel engines with or without turbos and catalytic converter where a fuel economy oil is recommended. It has been developed with special additives, which provide optimal protection during extended drain intervals. Apollo FE ensures cleaner combustion, enhanced Fuel Economy (M111 test has shown over 3% of fuel saving) and low emission levels. Special additives keep the oil and engine parts free from sludge and deposits. It guarantees rapid and stable lubrication and high thermal stability under heavy duty conditions in a broad temperature range. The quality lubricant ensures an extended drain as well as low oil consumption.


• Lower fuel consumption • Very high Viscosity Index and a high resistance against shearing • Fast cold start properties which results in less wear due to a stable lubricant film • Great dispersant and detergent properties, which warrants a clean operation • Very good lubrication film at very high working temperatures • Very good Anti-Wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties.


Volum 205L