Silicone Spray 0,4L

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Silicone Spray  0,4L
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The Rymax Silicone Spray is a general purpose, low viscosity silicone oil and can for example be used to lubricate and protect metal and non-metal surfaces, maintenance of plastic parts, rubbers, hinges, locks, household rails, cables, valves & more. The powerful formula of the spray ensures excellent lubrication while not leaving any stains. Its water repellent properties ensure protection against moist.
How to use?
Shake can well before use. Keep spray distance at 15 – 20 cm and spray area to be treated. Apply to clean parts which need lubricating, avoid excessive lubrication. Do not apply product to equipment while food is being processed or transported.
This product should not be used on parts which are likely to be


Volum 0,4L