Atexio III

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Artikkelnummer: 904518-V
Atexio III Automatic Transmission Fluid
Fra 146,41
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Atexio III demonstrates outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, giving extremely long service life over the most severe operating conditions. The fluids operating range is between - 45 °C and + 160 °C. The Atexio III acts as an excellent
hydraulic fluid and surpasses the performance of most top quality Anti-Wear hydraulic fluids or motor oils. It is also suitable for use with Sundstrand, Rexnord, Vickers and Hagglunds- Denison (exept certain axial piston) hydraulic pumps. This ATF III is superior to 10W motor oils commonly used in mobile equipment hydraulic systems, because it has better cold starting performance, superior materials compatibility and a greater resistance to oxidation.