Atexio VI -1L

Full Synth. Automatic Tranmsission Fluid

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Atexio VI     -1L Full Synth. Automatic Tranmsission Fluid
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Atexio VI is a fully synthetic transmission fluid, especially developed for automatic transmissions of General Motors. It is also suitable for power steering systems and some hydraulic systems where a good low temperature fluidity is required.
Atexio VI is the recommended topupor refill fluid for automatic transmissions where DEXRON VI and/or DEXRON III is prescribed. Versus DEXRON III, Atexio VI has a very high and stable viscosity index and an improved resistance against corrosion
and oxidation. Due to these improvements, the drain interval for new GM automatic transmissions is doubled.
Atexio VI meets the DEXRON VI specification which is especially developed for the new Hydra-Matic six-speed transmission of General Motors. This ATF is required in all automatic transmissions of General Motors build in 2006 or later.


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