Apollo FE-F SAE 0W/30

Full Synth. mid-saps oil -Gasolin&Diesel

Artikkelnummer: 102758
Apollo FE-F SAE 0W/30 Full Synth. mid-saps oil -Gasolin&Diesel
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Our Apollo FE-F is a full synthetic ultra high performance oil for the use in gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars, especially designed for the most recent Ford diesel engines. Apollo FE-F fulfills the requirements of Ford WSS-M2C950-A.
Apollo FE-F quickly provides an extremely stable lubricant film at the cold start and offers high thermal stability under heavy duty operating conditions.
Apollo FE-F offers optimum dispersancy and detergency, keeping the engine clean. Apollo FE-F provides maximum protection against rust and corrosion. The special additives keep all parts free from dirt, sludge and deposits.
It is also recommended for vehicles for which an engine oil meeting ACEA C2 with the viscosity grade 0W-30 is prescribed.